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Welcome to the world of Gruppo Agust,

a historic coffee roastery based in Brescia, Italy, since 1956.

First and foremost, it's essential to consider the type of market you wish to target and, consequently, the choice of the most suitable product. Here at Gruppo Agust, we firmly believe that customers exhibit diversity in their habits and needs.

That's why we've developed three distinct brands. With these brands, you have the opportunity to position your products in different market segments and meet specific needs.

Discover our brands

Pura Vita caffè

Puro piacere italiano

With Pura Vita coffees, we aim to bring the mood, style, and sensation of Italian pleasure, with a youthful and captivating design.


In the moment of a coffee sip, the customer will feel transported to Italy to experience pure delight.

Why choose Pura Vita?

Italian tradition

Pura Vita captures authentic Italian tradition, delivering a rich and engaging flavor.

Youthful and creative mood

With a youthful and captivating style, Pura Vita makes coffee a modern and invigorating experience.

Comprehensive merchandising

Enhance the experience with our merchandise, a perfect ally for Pura Vita establishments.

Agust evo

Our idea of coffee's evolution

With Agust Evo, our most historic brand, you'll have the opportunity to delve deeply into the coffee raw material, thanks to the traceability of the supply chain for each individual coffee.


All Evo coffees are from single plantations and Specialty grade, with an identity card that makes them unique and unrepeatable.

Why choose Agust Evo?

Coffee evolution

A journey of growth and innovation in the world of coffee.

Specialty and single-origin.

Distinct and unique coffees that reflect their origin with balance.

Traceability and Sustainability

Core values supported by technology for traceable and sustainable coffees.

Create your coffee brand in just a few steps

Our private label service is designed for distributors, bars, roasteries, and companies looking to create their coffee brand in a few simple steps.


Thanks to the modernity of our facilities, we can provide your private label coffee, roast and package coffee in pod, whole bean, and ground formats. We oversee all stages of production, from roasting to the final product. We also work with coffee already roasted and supplied by the customer.

What are the benefits of caffecontoterzi?

Complete customization

We create your customized coffee brand, paying attention to every detail.

Various formats available

We offer pods, whole beans, and ground coffee with your label.

Reliable production and logistics

We manage the entire process, from roasting to delivery, with precision and reliability.

Our services are all-inclusive!

Products alone are not enough. Today, more than ever, services and marketing are necessary to achieve success in product sales.

Logistic support

We guarantee precise delivery times and efficient import procedures to ensure coffee arrives at your warehouses flawlessly. Our team is ready to provide comprehensive assistance throughout this process.

Customized marketing

We provide tailor-made marketing content in your language at no additional cost. Our marketing team is at your disposal to help you communicate effectively with your customers and achieve sales success.

Roasters in Italy since 1956

We are the Corsini family, now in the third generation in the world of coffee, and we have created the Agust Group with two brands designed to meet the needs of a growing and highly diversified market. With a strong background in roasting and local distribution, we now serve both the national and international markets, highlighting our "green" choices and our commitment to offering high-quality offerings. The hospitality and restaurant sector, both in Europe and internationally, appreciates the wide range of products from our brands. Recent collaborations with major players in the Italian HO.RE.CA. industry have further expanded our presence, promising an even richer future for the taste of our coffee. We are excited to continue this journey in the world of coffee with passion and dedication.

Our certifications


FSSC 22000 ensures product safety and consistent quality in our production.


Fairtrade guarantees producers a fair minimum price and an additional margin to invest in community development projects. It also encourages sustainable farming practices and the transition to organic farming by recognizing an additional margin for this type of product.


BIO is the certification that identifies the organic farming origins of the products processed and marketed by the company.

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